Book Publishing

We work with authors who have strong research and technical backgrounds and excellent writing skills. We are especially interested in authors who are jointly developing books and online courses.

There are advantages to publishing The RP Way.

Individual Attention
Because we are selective in the books we publish, we have the resources to give authors individual attention.
Editorial Expertise
To ensure the highest quality in our books, we provide developmental editing with knowledge of the markets we serve. We follow the strict editorial and formatting guidelines of The Chicago Manual of Style. A trained copyeditor works with each book author. A trained course designer works with each course author.
High-Quality Production
We use a proprietary typesetting system for producing books that look and feel professional.

2020 is fully occupied with active publishing and research projects. We expect to resume full book publishing services in 2021.

If you would like to review ideas for a future publishing project, contact us at: