Our Story So Far

Founded in 2002, Research Publishers LLC (RP) began as a Wisconsin-based publisher of quality books for business and research professionals. We now publish books, periodicals, and knowledge bases.

Consulting, always a component of The RP Way, became central to the business with its move to California in 2014.  For the present and foreseeable future, the company, still privately held, offers a variety of research, consulting, and measurement services with special emphasis on studies of consumers, markets, and brands. 

Knowledge Base Publishing. Research Publishers offers knowledge-based systems under the Competitor36O® brand name. This is competitive intelligence as a service, drawing on contemporary data science technologies for graph-relational databases and natural language processing. Additional information and a list of account representatives, value-added resellers, and research providers are available at the COMPETITOR360® website.

The RP Way of publishing has been to work with authors who have strong research and technical backgrounds and excellent writing skills. RP has been an advocate of creativity, freedom of expression, and intellectual property rights. The firm values close relationships with authors, artists, and technical experts in developing and marketing its products.

Data Science Quarterly promotes data science as a discipline, showing its relevance to all organizations and to social and political discourse. Data Science Quarterly combines the best attributes of academic journals and popular news magazines. Its articles draw on high-quality empirical research written in clear, concise language that anyone can understand. 

The online version of Data Science Quarterly became active August 20, 2020 with the initial publication of prediction-market-based forecasts for the US presidential election. The plan for the online version of the journal is to include short articles and commentary about current events and summaries of selected articles from past and future issues of the electronic and print versions of Data Science Quarterly. The online version is free for all Internet users.

Planned for 2024, an electronic version of Data Science Quarterly will be available worldwide as a subscription service. The print version will be available as a subscription service in the United States.