Knowledge Bases

Competitive Intelligence as a Service

Custom marketing research and competitive intelligence studies take time. It is not uncommon for researchers and industry experts to work for weeks or months collecting and analyzing data relevant to a client’s questions. The typical deliverable is a research report and presentation. This is the nature of the custom research engagement.

With competitive intelligence as a service, researchers and industry experts take a different approach. Individual studies are replaced by a series of studies. Research reports and presentations are complemented by a knowledge base that grows with each research study and is continually updated with automated data acquisition from the web.

Research Publishers works with account representatives, value-added resellers, and research providers to deliver customized solutions for business clients. Using modern data science methods, we build on data from prior research and online sources. Clients get answers quickly. Clients see research results at a much lower cost than what is possible with traditional methods.

Our competitive intelligence technology is designed to be flexible, adaptable to the complete range of industries worldwide. Research Publishers provides the technology, building and maintaining client knowledge bases and applications. Value-added research providers do the rest. These competitive intelligence professionals and industry consultants design and conduct custom research to meet the special needs of clients.

Additional information and a list of account representatives, value-added resellers, and research providers are available at the COMPETITOR360® website.

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