Annual Subscription for 2021
Annual Subscription for 2021
Annual Subscription for 2021
Annual Subscription for 2021

Annual Subscription for 2021

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Data Science Quarterly promotes data science as a discipline, showing its relevance to social and political discourse. Data Science Quarterly combines the best attributes of academic journals and popular news magazines. Its articles draw on high-quality empirical research written in clear, concise language that anyone can understand. 

Beginning January 2021, the print version of Data Science Quarterly will be published each January, April, July, and October. Articles in the print version of Data Science Quarterly are organized under four major sections:

  • The Opinion section comprises op-eds with supporting documentation;
  • The Research section presents research studies much like one would see in a peer-reviewed academic journal;
  • The Cases section describes practical research problems, setting the stage for subsequent research; and
  • The Reviews section includes commentary on technical books and data sources.

Planned issues for 2021:

  • January 2021: Data Science Meets Journalism
  • April 2021: Freedom of Speech
  • July 2021: Trust in Science
  • October 2021: Education Marketplace

ISSN 2693-8871 (print)
ISSN 2693-8863 (online)

An annual subscription to the print version may be ordered in two forms:

Electronic Download $60.00 (downloads for four issues, worldwide)
Paperbound $90.00 (mailings for four issues, United States only)

Support questions by e-mail:

Sample articles for download: 

Message from the Editor-in-Chief. Introducing Data Science Quarterly

Opinion. Seeking Responsible Social Media: The Facebook Case

Opinion. Protect Public Health Data Now

Case. Willingness to Fly

Case. Model of an Epidemic

Research. Predicting the 2020 Presidential Election

Editor-in-Chief's Audio Overview:

 Link to the online version of Data Science Quarterly