About the Cover

The art on the cover of Data and Text Mining for Business Intelligence is Chess Game by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva.

It is an eye-catching image that relates to the subject of the book. Chess is a serious game. It requires discipline and intelligence, as does business. The studious expressions of the players reinforce the concept of seriousness. But rather than being overtly confrontational, the players collaborate for mutual benefit.

The squares on a chessboard are black and white, binary like the zeroes and ones of digital computers. The players disappear into the field of squares, extending from the board into their environment. There is a ripple effect, like the waves of information that surround us in contemporary society. We understand that the players and their activities in the game affect the outside world just as programmers and information workers affect the world of business.

The cover was designed by Jane Tenenbaum of Tenenbaum Design,

Cambridge, Massachusetts.