About The Author

Katharine Osborne is a freelance Web programmer who specializes in database-backed application development. She is an advocate of open-source technology and currently teaches MySQL at eclasses.org. She has also taught at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona, including classes in Perl, XML, PHP, C\C++, SQL, and Information Architecture.

Katharine first discovered open-source methodology in early 1998 during the initial development of the Mozilla Web browser, and has been hooked ever since. Earlier she was a 3D graphics programmer and developed proprietary virtual reality software for the SGI and Elysium platforms. Katharine received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Aided Design from the University of Advancing Technology in 1997, graduating at the top of her class.

Katharine resides in Mesa Arizona, where she hides indoors from the sun and sweltering heat, hunkered over a keyboard, basking in the gentle glow of pixels. Read more about her at www.katharineosborne.com.