Data and Text Processing for Business Intelligence

The world of information technology is going public—pubic domain, that is. Many organizations are casting off expensive proprietary information systems in favor of public-domain, open-source software and application development. What does this mean for business? How can business and data processing professionals use open-source code to build secure and capable information systems?

Data processing activities, including data acquisition, preparation, coding, transformation, storage, and retrieval, are critical to business. While often burdened by information overload, managers can benefit from information properly organized, analyzed, and presented. Business professionals need tools for managing information that enrich their understanding of customers, competitors, and markets.

Written in a style that is both accessible to managers and helpful to
programmers, Data and Text Processing for Business Intelligence is
about turning raw data and text into useful information.It introduces
open-source programming in Perl and relational databases with MySQL.
It also shows how coding standards like XML can simplify the process of
building systems for business intelligence. Data and text processing with
open-source, standards-based systems are the way of the future.