Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis: Strategies for Product Design and Pricing Research

Ask people what they want, and they say, “the best of everything.”  Ask them what they would like to spend, and they say, “as little as possible.”  Assessing consumer preferences and willingness to pay through direct rating scales, with separate questions about product features and prices, often fails to capture the tradeoffs that underlie consumer choice.

Conjoint analysis goes beyond simple surveys, providing a more realistic approach to understanding consumer attitudes, opinions, and behavior.  Introduced as a fundamental measurement method more than forty years ago, conjoint analysis presents combinations of features or attributes in product profiles and asks people to rank or rate those product profiles or to make choices among product profiles.

With new chapters about adaptive choice-based conjoint and maximum difference scaling and additional examples of business applications, the second edition of Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis continues to provide an excellent introduction to conjoint and choice methods.

See a review of the first edition.

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