Data and Text Mining

Published by Prentice Hall. Data and Text Mining: A Business Applications Approach provides a conceptual introduction to data and text mining within the context of business and marketing research. The book takes an eclectic approach, drawing from business, statistics, and computer science. Using worked examples and business case studies, the book answers the four basic questions: why is data mining important to business and marketing research; how is data mining different from other types of research; what do we learn from data mining; and how do we do data mining? The book reviews traditional methods, data-adaptive methods, and applications in business and marketing. For business students, managers, and analysts.

The cover art for the book, entitled Museale Industrie, represents one of 366 works completed by Paul Klee in 1940, the year of his death. We like to call the work fishing business, which some might argue is entirely appropriate for a book about data and text mining.

ISBN 0-13-140085-1 • $52.00 • 192 pages

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