D and B Ice Cream (a case study)

Sales forecasting is a critical component of business planning, a first step in the budgeting process. Methods that provide accurate forecasts can be of great help to management. Business decisions guided by accurate forecasts are better than decisions guided by guesswork, personal biases, or hunches.

The D and B Ice Cream case describes a small company and the decisions that it must make about its store locations. What will sales be in the coming year? Should the owners drop poorly performing franchise locations? Should they open stores in new locations?

The case provides cross-sectional demographic and meteorological data for fifteen existing restaurants and two prospective restaurants. These may be useful in site selection. There are also time-series sales data for the fifteen existing restaurants across a period of five years. The time-series data may be useful in sales forecasting.

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D and B Ice Cream
Published in 2007
18 pages
ISBN 978-1-60147-005-8