Cover and Artwork, continued

We reproduce masterworks with licenses and royalties managed by representatives of artists and their estates. The cover of Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis uses artwork by Paul Klee (1879-1940) with a license to reproduce granted by the Paul Klee estate. The book deals with methodologies for consumer and business research and the choices that buyers make with a utility maximization motive. The artwork on the book's cover reflects its content: Imagine the face of a bewildered consumer, enough feet to go in many directions at once, and an arrow pointing upward out of his head (a possible symbol for utility maximization).The cover for Qualitative Research Online utilizes royalty-free art and photo stock. The artwork may be thought of as showing the eye of a consumer respondent in an online medium, which is in keeping with the topic of the book.

For Research and Information Services, the cover art by James Wrinkle (Bi-Ab Series #15, 2000) is an example of biomorphic abstract art, a modern type of abstract art in which the shapes and masses are abstracted from the living and animate rather than geometric and inanimate objects. James Wrinkle is an independent artist who lives in California. Learn more about the artist at

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